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Unlock the power of your
S3 buckets with AI

Similarix empowers you to search, organize, and optimize your digital assets like never before, with our AI-powered solution.

Trusted by leading businesses worldwide, Similarix has helped organizations of all sizes improve their digital asset management efficiency.

Revolutionize your
Digital Asset Management

Struggling to find, organize, and manage your digital assets stored in S3 buckets? Similarix is here to help. Our AI-powered solution seamlessly integrates with your S3 storage, adding a thin layer of intelligence that enhances search, organization, and optimization. With Similarix, you can unlock the full potential of your digital assets and streamline your workflow.

Read-only access

Rest assured that your files are safe and secure. Similarix operates with read-only access, ensuring the integrity and safety of your original files.

Intelligent AI layer

Thin AI layer helps you manage your digital assets better. It makes your files searchable and more accessible using advanced algorithms, allowing you to locate any file instantly.

Semantic search

Experience the power of semantic search, where Similarix understands the context of your images, delivering highly relevant search results that go beyond exact matches.


Say goodbye to duplicate files. Similarix identifies and manages duplicate assets, ensuring your storage is lean and organized.

Image-based search

Find similar images within your database with ease. Similarix's image-based search makes it a breeze to locate visually similar assets.

Multilingual support

Break language barriers with Similarix's multilingual support. Our solution supports 133 languages, ensuring global accessibility and seamless asset management.

API availability

Integrate Similarix seamlessly into your existing systems and workflows with our API. Automate tasks and enhance your asset management capabilities.

Independent AI Models

Enjoy the reliability and independence of Similarix's AI models. We don't rely on third-party services, ensuring uninterrupted service and data security.

Enterprise solution

For large-scale operations and extended redistribution rights, our enterprise solution offers a tailored fit with SLA and additional configuration options.

Customers reviews

Alex Dulub

The idea of enhancing S3 with AI for better search capabilities sounds incredibly useful. The secure, read-only aspect is also very reassuring. I'm particularly interested in the multilingual support.

Mohammed Hayat

Totally see the utility. I have had use cases where images were stored in S3 buckets of field assets (like instrument panels showing various readings) and data had to be manually extracted out of them. If Similarix can be extended to do stuff like this as well it would be awesome.

Anyway, looks great.

Mark Huf

I love using Similarix! It has a great feature where it searches for additional context in my files rather than just exact matches, which helps me a lot in organizing my photos without having to leave my S3 flow.

Keep up the excellent work! (I'm also looking forward to the release of the Google Drive Connector.)

Mikey Nguyen

I created a simple image recommendation API for my ecommerce website. The tool is really cool and I am happy with the results. 🚀


This is super amazing product for layering storage with security. Thanks 🔥

Oliver Fernandez

Great product ✨

Simple pricing

Our pricing structure is straightforward and easy to understand.


Perfect for personal use and initial testing.

€4 /month
  • Unlimited S3 connectors
  • 1000 files processed
  • Search by text or other image
  • Detect exact and near duplicates
  • Dashboard access
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Ideal for businesses looking to process more assets.

€29 /month
  • Unlimited S3 connectors
  • 10000 files processed
  • Search by text or other image
  • Detect exact and near duplicates
  • API and Dashboard access
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Designed for large-scale operations and extended redistribution rights.

Contact us

[email protected]

  • Unlimited S3 connectors
  • Up-to 1 billion files
  • Custom ML models on your assets
  • Premium support: 6 months
  • Everything from other plans
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Try Similarix today and experience the future of Digital Asset Management.

But why do we need such a tool?

That's easy! Because S3 doesn't support search. The protocol's purpose is to offer reliable and fast storage, which is excellent! We can do the search.

Semantic Search for S3 buckets

Frequently asked questions

Is there an API available?

Yes, our API is included in the Pro plan, allowing you to integrate Similarix's functionalities into your existing systems and workflows.

What types of assets does Similarix support?

We currently support a wide range of image formats. We are constantly expanding our capabilities, and in the near future, we plan to include support for PDFs, DOCs, and sheets.

How does support work?

We prioritize well-qualified support. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we'll assist you as soon as possible.

How does billing work?

Billing is based on the number of assets you process and store each month. Within your chosen plan, processing and storing additional assets is free of charge. If you need to process and store more assets, just let us know.

Do you depend on third-parties like OpenAI, Claude, or Mistral?

No, we exclusively utilize in-house developed and open-source models. Our platform is powered by our proprietary inference engines, ensuring reliability and independence from external service fluctuations.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, please note that reconnecting will trigger the process of reindexing your assets, and you may lose some of your custom tagging settings.

What functionalities does Similarix offer?

We offer advanced functionalities including: Semantic Search and Deduplication. We are slowly adding new models, which give you new ways to interact with your content.

Does Similarix offer an enterprise solution?

Yes, we offer an enterprise solution that includes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and additional configuration options for some of our models, catering to the specific needs of larger organizations.

Can Similarix delete my files?

No, we are performing only read operations on your storages. You can provide keys with read-only permissions to be sure.

Do my files leave your infrastructure?

No, your files are securely processed on our servers without being transferred to external storage systems. We prioritize your privacy and data security, ensuring that copies of your files are not retained. However, we do store image thumbnails for efficiency, although this is entirely optional and can be disabled at your request.

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